Oleoresins Definition and Meaning

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Oleoresins are the concentrated liquid form of the spice. They are obtained from spices by extraction with a non-aqueous solvent followed by removal of the solvent by evaporation. This spice derivative has the same character and property of the spice it is obtained from. They reproduce the character of the respective spice and spice oil fully. Spice oleoresins represent the complete flavour profile of the spice. It contains the volatile as well as non volatile constituents of spices. Oleoresins can replace whole/ground spices without impairing any flavour and aroma characteristic. Spice oleoresins guarantee superior quality of flavour and aroma. They are complete and balanced, consistent and standardised.

The quality of an oleoresin is typically evaluated on the basis of presence of the active ingredients in desired levels. As these are concentrated extracts, they are typically used as a diluted dispersion plated on a neutral dry carrier or as a diluted blend in a solubilizing medium such as vegetable oil to match the desired strength of the ground spice/herb. All the spices contain essential oils in varying proportions which can be extracted by steam distillation.

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