Hathi Raja Bahut Bade – हाथी राजा बहुत बड़े – Hindi

Hindi Lyrics:

हाथी राजा बहुत बड़े ,
सूंड उठा कर कहा चले ,
मेरे घर में आओ ना ,
हलवा पुडी खाओ ना,
आओ बैठो कुर्सी पर ,
कुर्सी बोली चटर पटर

English Lyrics

Haathi raaja bahut bade,
soondh uthakar kahan chale,
Aao baitho kursi par,
Kursi boli char char char,
Haathi raja dhadaam se gire,
Haathi raja bahut bade.


Elephant King very large,
He said proboscis out,
Come to my house,
Pudi not eat pudding,
Come sit on the chair,
Ctr putter chair bid

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